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Letter: Bond prepares district for future

Published: January 15, 2015, 6:00 AM

As a proud parent of Washougal graduates and an active community member, I am urging voters to support the upcoming Washougal School District bond in the Feb. 10 election.

We have a school district we can be proud of in Washougal. We have wonderful, committed teachers and staff, and they are producing well-rounded, successful students, even in substandard learning environments at several schools. The school bond will replace two schools and build a new elementary school to accommodate the growth that happened over the last five years.

Unless we pay attention to the needs addressed by this bond, education here could begin to suffer. Our youth depend on their community to step up and provide school facilities that can prepare them for the future.

Please join me in voting “yes.”

To learn more about the Washougal school bond, please visit

Rene Carroll


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